Sunday, 17 January 2010

Matchbox easel card instructions

The svg template will be in my webshop any day soon, but here's how to make a matchbox with easel top. It's not that much more different than making a box but you have to be precise otherwise the drawer wont fit.

It needs 1 1/2 a4 sheets of card or a 12*12 sheet and sadly is only suitable for the expressions machine.

Cut the base and drawer with your expressions and score between the small perforations.

All of the folds need to be valley folds bar the small top section which has to be a mountain fold.

Apply very strong dst where shown.

Attach the side decorations before sticking the sides to each other

Attach the decoration to the front of the seperate square panel and attach to the fold over section from the base. You must make sure the bottoms of both squares are flush to each other. When the fold over is open like this the top of your card will be touching the desk.

Attach the front decoration to the drawer as shown and add a brads or eyelet with ribbon to create a handle before you attach the tabs to the inside of the drawer.

The drawer will fit an normal match box card made from 12*3 card scored at 1, 4, 5, 8 & 11"

Both cards were made with Stampin'Up! supplies and if you'd like details of them please get in touch.

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