Sunday, 23 August 2009

Magic wallet/secret message card tutorial

Magic wallets are sometimes known as secret message cards. They're very easy to make but require pin point accuracy with the cutting and folding so I thought they would make a good template for scal. Trouble was I hadn't made one for years and have spent the best part of the last year trying to remember how to make them or find a tutorial. I knew it was by slipping 2 sections into the base but that's all I could remember until I saw Michelle Marsden on tv making one yesterday. woohoo, it all came flooding back and here is the result.
For those who've never seen them they don't look that special as a photo but in real life they're great fun. When you pull either side they lay out flat and the middle section sort of turns in on itself to reveal the reverse and any hidden message/image you've added. They've got quite a surprisingly strong spring action as they fold in and out of themselves.

First import the base svg into scal at 5 or 51/2 inches high and cut. Now import the section at the same height, copy and paste a 2nd section or import again and cut. OR cut and fold the base by hand if you havent scal.

Fold to create a mountain in the middle and the gatefold score lines to create valleys.

If you are stamping as decoration now is the easiest time to do so unless you want to stamp over the sections together.

2 ways to insert the sections, neither are better than the other but sometimes it's easier to do it one way other times the other.

1) Bend the tabs so that the top and bottom are pointing away from the middle tab.

Now you need to slide the 2 sections into the loops created by the folds. This is where the accuracy is needed, too thin a section and you'll get gaps, too wide a section and you'll be gnashing your teeth trying to slot them in.

2) Lay the base flat and thread one section over & under and the next section under and over, as though you are weaving.

Once the sections are in place all you have to do is finish decorating but don't add anything thick to the centre sections as it will intefere with the movement of the card.
Of course you don't need to buy my svg template to make this card, just remember to score on the gatefold & centre lines and to cut slits between the gatefolds.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Side step card

It's been a bit hectic here over the last week while I've been sorting out the webshop. But I have found the time to play with a new design.
This is a scalloped double side step card and the svg template is available from my webshop.
I cut this one at 8" square which makes a 4*8 card. To decorate I used several of the Messy Rabbit stamps from Joanna Sheen, the scenery is from 2 of the village sets and Mrs Messy from the hunny bunny set. Once the images were stamped on to bristol board they were coloured with lots of different copics before being cut by hand and mounted with pinflair gel. The mat behind mrs messy was made with a fiskars texture plate.
I've only got a few more designs to upload to the webshop now so hopefully I'll be able to start making some new ones I have ideas for as well as some finished cards.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Woohoo, at last my webshop is on it's way

The title says it all really... my old isp host has finally converted the technical gubbins over to my new host and I've made a start moving all the files & pictures over to a dedicated webshop.

As we speak I've only managed to upload the nested shapes and moving cards but I shall be adding more and more of my designs over the next week or so before I start playing about making it look pretty.

Touch wood, so far it looks like it's working properly and the files should be automatically emailed but if anyone spots a mistake please let me know asap.

Designs can still be purchased by emailing me for a paypal request or if you would prefer let me know which design and I'll bump it to the top of the list to add to the webshop.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

fancy lattice card svgs

My first cardmaking technique was parchment craft and I fell in love with lace grid work. Sadly it's far too time consuming with some of the patterns taking upwards of 20 hours to make.

Thankfully electronic diecutters can let us mimic the lattice work, this series is based on a pattern you often see on radiator cupboards, a long way from parchment but it does make a nice fine trellis.

Each set is based on a shape, circle, square, rectangle, ovals and church door. Each set contains 2 base cards one with a shape made totally from the trellis the other with an outline of trellis and a solid middle.

The ovals, rectangle and church door was sized to a 5*7 card but if you don't mind the trellis changing proportion slightly they can be cut at any proportion.

Also included are a couple of outer window frames.

Cost per shape set, £1.00 or £4 for the set of 5 shapes.

This is slightly different in that it's a gatefold card shaped as a church door. This was cut at 5 inch high but for stability I would suggest a larger size, sorry create owners. Provided the scores are done correctly it does meet in the middle without any gap or leading edge.
The design comes as 2 svgs, one with the back as trellis the other filled in.
Cost £1.00

geometric mats

This is a file I was playing about with a couple of nights ago. The photo shows the circular design cut as normal and mounted over the same design with a shadow value of 2.

Each of the files are available at a cost of £1.00 each and or as a set for £4.00

Noel squares card.

Making the files for wordbooks can take a couple of hours to get them perfect and to be honest it's gets really boring if you're doing a few one after the other. So to take a break from them this was a bit of fun.
The design comes with 4 variations of base card, rounded corners & square corners with both having open and blocked in backs. Also included are the letter and frames as seperate svgs. Cost £1.00

Word Books

Wordbooks are a lot easier to make in SCAL2 than before but I still have a few issues with shadowing so these were created in psp, converted in inkscape and work well in both versions of SCAL.

Each design comes with seperate svgs for base and letter topper and a different look can be created by blacking out the base layer. Please note the holes are not part of the design, I used my cropodile but they are suitable for using with binding machines.

Mum & Dad wordbook, cost £1.00 each

Brother and Sister wordbooks, cost £1.50 each.

Love wordbook £1.00