Monday, 1 March 2010

Easel Card Tut

Easel cards are all the rage at the moment and after making some it's easy to see why.

For my tutorial I'm using 2 of my scalloped easel card templates but you can follow along making one by hand using a piece of card 10* 5" for the base and with a 5*5" piece for the easel front.

With the base card you need to score half way along at the 5" mark. With my svg templates this is marked with a tiny perforation each side or if using the scallops just count the scallops and score between 10 & 11 on the circle base. The square base doesnt need scoring as the scallops will fold on their own.

The next score along is at 7.5", for the circle card score where the scallops end, the scalloped square is 5 scallops in.

Fold the card as normal and fold along the 2nd score line.

Place a decent amount of strong dst in the small section nearest the edge of the card.

Under normal circumstances now is the time to decorate the front of the easel before attaching them together. I rarely decorate a card on a tut because I want to show the mechanics not something that you'd need to go out and spend a small fortune buying the inks/stamps/decoupage etc to recreate to the letter.

The circle base has to be attached to the scalloped circle so the fold line is half way down the circle and runs between the scallops. It's hard to photo and explain but once you have the pieces in your hand it's quite easy to see what I mean. With the square line the outer edges together. You might find it easier to have the card folded as a normal card and lay the square over as though you were doing a normal mat.

Once the easel fronts are in place they should look like this. Don't worry if they flop over instead of standing up.

Decorate the inside if required. Glue a strip of card/paper across the inside of the card if using a strip. The back edge is going to be the line where the front stands against the inside so don't put it too far away from the edge and make sure it's not in the half nearest the fold line.

Cut a small decorative tab and attach some 3d foam tape/squares.
This is where I normally add a sentiment and it's easier to do so before the sticky is applied.

Attach the small tab centrally across the strip and fold the front over. The front edge should sit nicely behind the tab.

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