Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Waterfall card tut

This is a tut for my scalloped waterfall card svgs. In the set there are 2 options for the base one with guide holes (white) and without (lilac) and 2 different tabs. The white tabs are very slightly smaller than the base. This allows a very fine mat effect and doesnt affect the waterfall action.

If you're working without a template each of the scallops are 1/2" wide.

With scallops you don't need to score, just fold at the joins along the main strip of the base.

Using my most beloved tombow glue I've attached the white tab to the bottom of the base. In practise you would decorate the tabs before attaching.

I've shown pics so you can see the difference between the bases and how the smaller tab will look.

Very carefully apply a tiny dap of strong glue inside the next row of circles.

Line the top edge with a tab and hold in place for a second or two while the glue dries.

Repeat for the next 2 tabs.

Fold the top section on the base backwards so that the tabs are all facing outwards.

If using brads now is the time to mark your base so you know where to make your holes. I just make a pencil mark through the gaps.

Gently ease some folded ribbon through the hole and slip the ends through the loop before gently pulling the tails to secure.

It's a good idea to use an eyelet if you're a bit hamfisted like me. When I've pulled the tails I have ripped the card before now. Oops lol

If using brads attach the waterfall to the base. If you arent using brads strong dst underneath will work but I prefer to use thin ds foam.

Gently pull on the ribbon to make sure the waterfall is running freely.

Attach the base & waterfall to your base card. I've cut the waterfall at the design size and mounted it on an A6 card but it will work perfectly well on a 5*7 or a5.

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  1. Hmm I thought I had posted a comment but apparently not.. so here goes again ( sorry if I am repeating myself)What a beautiful card Sue don't know what a tut is but I daresay it's something simple LOL..

    Not had time to get SCAL yet as I am busy with so many other things around the house but I'll get there soon .. and then you will hear from me...LOL

    Fab Blog love the colours and the backing very atmospheric.. Speak soon..Peter XX