Saturday, 1 August 2009

fancy lattice card svgs

My first cardmaking technique was parchment craft and I fell in love with lace grid work. Sadly it's far too time consuming with some of the patterns taking upwards of 20 hours to make.

Thankfully electronic diecutters can let us mimic the lattice work, this series is based on a pattern you often see on radiator cupboards, a long way from parchment but it does make a nice fine trellis.

Each set is based on a shape, circle, square, rectangle, ovals and church door. Each set contains 2 base cards one with a shape made totally from the trellis the other with an outline of trellis and a solid middle.

The ovals, rectangle and church door was sized to a 5*7 card but if you don't mind the trellis changing proportion slightly they can be cut at any proportion.

Also included are a couple of outer window frames.

Cost per shape set, £1.00 or £4 for the set of 5 shapes.

This is slightly different in that it's a gatefold card shaped as a church door. This was cut at 5 inch high but for stability I would suggest a larger size, sorry create owners. Provided the scores are done correctly it does meet in the middle without any gap or leading edge.
The design comes as 2 svgs, one with the back as trellis the other filled in.
Cost £1.00

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