Sunday, 23 August 2009

Magic wallet/secret message card tutorial

Magic wallets are sometimes known as secret message cards. They're very easy to make but require pin point accuracy with the cutting and folding so I thought they would make a good template for scal. Trouble was I hadn't made one for years and have spent the best part of the last year trying to remember how to make them or find a tutorial. I knew it was by slipping 2 sections into the base but that's all I could remember until I saw Michelle Marsden on tv making one yesterday. woohoo, it all came flooding back and here is the result.
For those who've never seen them they don't look that special as a photo but in real life they're great fun. When you pull either side they lay out flat and the middle section sort of turns in on itself to reveal the reverse and any hidden message/image you've added. They've got quite a surprisingly strong spring action as they fold in and out of themselves.

First import the base svg into scal at 5 or 51/2 inches high and cut. Now import the section at the same height, copy and paste a 2nd section or import again and cut. OR cut and fold the base by hand if you havent scal.

Fold to create a mountain in the middle and the gatefold score lines to create valleys.

If you are stamping as decoration now is the easiest time to do so unless you want to stamp over the sections together.

2 ways to insert the sections, neither are better than the other but sometimes it's easier to do it one way other times the other.

1) Bend the tabs so that the top and bottom are pointing away from the middle tab.

Now you need to slide the 2 sections into the loops created by the folds. This is where the accuracy is needed, too thin a section and you'll get gaps, too wide a section and you'll be gnashing your teeth trying to slot them in.

2) Lay the base flat and thread one section over & under and the next section under and over, as though you are weaving.

Once the sections are in place all you have to do is finish decorating but don't add anything thick to the centre sections as it will intefere with the movement of the card.
Of course you don't need to buy my svg template to make this card, just remember to score on the gatefold & centre lines and to cut slits between the gatefolds.

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