Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More files available

I have been asked for some of the files used on my slide show cards. Sadly the Japanese Temple is adapted from a pattern by Janet Wilson in her More Teabag Folding book and is subject to her copyright. It's a wonderful book and contains some beautiful templates and is a great addition for anyone who likes oriental cards.

These files are now available

Heart borders. Cost £2.00
This set contains 3 designs, a medium thickness border (red image), a very finely cut heart border (not pictured) which I would suggest you use the deep cut blade and not too thick a cardstock, and a border without the extra cutaway dimples (for those who don't like scrapping tiny bits from the mat or are in a hurry) pictured in raspberry pink.
All 3 designs come with a solid middle ready to add a stamped image as well as with the central area cutaway to make a frame. Please note these have such a fine detail that they will not shadow.

Shaped 40 card cost £1.00
Great for ruby wedding cards as well as birthdays.

Shaped 21 card, cost £1.00
Both number cards come as 3 files, an expressions where you can cut the layers and base card in one go and 2 seperate files for the smaller machine. If you want a different number please email me, under normal circumstances I'll be able to create the file within 24 hours.

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