Saturday, 25 July 2009

no score templates

I hate making exploding boxes, all those mats & layers take forever and are so boring so I decided to see if I could make a truly scalloped exploding box with mats in scal. Once the pattern had cut I found I didn't even need to score the box, just a wee bit on the tabs for the lid.

The mats and layers were easy, I just selected the rounded corner square and changed the sizes accordingingly. The decoration was just playing about with dingbats except the xmas tree in the middle, that's one I drew by hand.

If you would like to purchase the scalloped exploding box template it comes as a presized scut for the lid and outer + shaped layer set to make a 3" cube with well fitting lid as well as seperate svgs for the lid and layer so you can scale to your own preferred size. Cost £2.00

The christmas tree svg is also available at £1.00 I wouldn't recommend cutting it any smaller than 3" high, a deep cut blade is highly recommended as is the mat to be reasonably sticky.

After realising that scallops allieviate the need to score I wondered if it would be possible to use the principle to make spring cards on scal. It would be easy enough to cut them after all they're just an envie type shape, the problem would be knowing where to get the score lines.

After lots and lots of time using circles in psp I finally manage to create a template that is perforated enough to fold without scoring but not so perforated as to give too jagged a line. The template is available as an svg for £1.00

A variation on a spring card is this diamond double fold. Unless you have a 12 * 24 mat it's not possible to make the central area square unless you want to make a card no more than 3" high. This one was cut 5" high. Using the same technique as the spring card there is no need to score. Please note this card does not fold in together flat for postage and would need to be placed unfolded in the envelelope unless you make a box for it. Available as an svg cost £1.00

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