Thursday, 30 July 2009

nested shapes and base cards

I've always loved nestability dies but always wanted larger dies so I could make cards as well as mat and layer Tilda stamps with more than 1 or 2 layers.

Here are my solutions to the problem.
All nested sets come as scut files set for 6 sizes all stepping down by 5%, the bottom 3 are the inbetween sizes to the top row. Split into 3 scuts you will get a master file for the expressions which allows you to double mount the mat and cut the 2 sizes in different colours at the same time. There is also a large and small scut for the smaller cricut. You will also receive a single svg so you can cut to your own needs. Each set costs £1.00
cut to fit on to a4 card cut into 6" wide strips these are how they look nested.
Nested Inverted squares
Fancy square 2

Fancy square 3

Cutaway flower, can be blacked out to create a solid petal.
I do also have scalloped circles, oval, rectangle & squares and a few other fancy shapes available which I'll be adding here tomorrow when I'va had chance to cut and photo them.
Large scallop circle card. The files come as a scalloped svg base card that cuts a truly scalloped card base or by blacking out gives a straight edge. It also comes with 2 scalloped circle svgs which match perfectly, use either as mats & layers or frames or position inside the base card svg to cut an aperature. Cost £1

Scalloped square card, cost £1.00
Comes as a base plus a single scalloped square svg to match.

Approx a6 scalloped card, cost £1.00

Again the base card can be cut truly scalloped or blacked out and a single scalloped rectangle is included. Please note it's mathmatically impossible to get a true nest with rectangles and ovals while keeping the scallops identically proportioned. You either have to put up with mismatched scallops or a larger gap at the top & bottom or the sides. This card works out a tad under the normal a6 size and comes with a single scalloped svg which matches.

There is also an a5 version, there are more scallops than the a6 version but it is only a mm or 2 off of a perfect a5 card. Both of these cards can be sized to any size your mat will allow.

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