Friday, 17 July 2009

tri shutter templates

Scal has taken a backseat lately as I've been pretty much absorbed with rubber, ink and sorting out my pc files. I have been playing with scal over the last few weeks and have designed some trifold shutter cards which can be cut on the cricut. If you would like to purchase any of the scut files please email me at for details.

This is a standard trishutter card and comes in 2 options, 1 as pictured with straight middle sections or as the card below with rounded corner middle sections. The scut files include the base card and mats for all sections. Cost £1.00

This is one I'm calling an inverted trishutter because the folds are made differently to normal. This one has been decorated with clear rubber tapestry sentiments and the tree is a stamp from the Craft Barn.

The scut file comes as a base card and the layers. It's set in 3 files, 1 for the expressions with both base and layers arranged on the mat ready for double mounting the mat. The other 2 files are for the smaller machine, 1 the base card and the layers on the other file. Cost £1.00

This was fun to design but it's not the easiest card to get to stand alone. I would suggest using either a false hinge or plate stand.

The scut file contains the base card and 2 layers of hearts. Cost, £1.00

This one wasnt the easiest to design because of the minimum width needed for the cricut to cut without breaking the card. There is just the narrowest border between the base card and the letters. Size restraints make it impossible for me to make the border or letters larger for those with the smaller cricuts.

The scut file includes the base card, letters, stars and mats. Cost £1.50

Now my files are sorted out I should be able to upload some more scut files for sale over the next few weeks.


  1. These are great, will you accept paypal, or do I need to send you the cash?

  2. Paypal is perfectly acceptable and the files will be emailed as soon as I receive payment notification. I'm online on & off all day if you have any questions or need help please feel free to email me.
    hugs, Sue.